My husband came home from a deployment a month ago

"First mud run. My husband came home from a deployment a month ago and while he was gone he was running alot of 5k runs to get in shape. So i decided that i wanted to be able to do this with him and i lost 95 pounds and we completed the pollywog run with our 2 sons age 3 and 9. It may not have been the full 5k run but Im very proud of myself for being able to do this with my Husband and Boys. We all had such a blast and we plan to work on our goal of getting me prepared for the full 5k. It was so much fun for the whole family and it was awesome...

This is Our Group’s 1st Mud Run

"This is our groups 1st mud run. Our ages vary from 61 (in 16 more days) , 51 to under 30. We also vary in medical to physical abilities. But this didn't stop us. My husband was our Captain because he was fool enough to do this with 3 women. He struggled but we never left him alone. He found him a bromance, I got dunked, one came close to terms with her ickines of muddy, dirty water and the other one belly flopped down the shower hill. Needless to say that with all that and 6 shampoos, 1 bath tub scrub, a good night's sleep; count us in we will...

This morning at the Mud Run

"Have to tell you about something that touched my heart this morning at the mud run. I was sort of nervous since it was the first one Pete and Sara did. I got a knot in my stomach when I heard the mud pit was 5 ft. Sara's height. A girl around Sara's age and height walked in and looked like she had already given it her all. One Marine in the pit stopped his usual forceful yelling, went to her and asked if she was ok. About in tears, she shook her head, no. He took her by the arm and said nothing bad is going to happen to you. I'm here. I've got...