The Pollywog Mud Run is for anyone under the age of 12 (however, with a parent’s signature, kids in this age group could run the full 5K Mud Run). The distance is close to 3/4 mile and includes crossing a creek, rope climb up a steep/muddy hill, running through woods, mini mud pit, tire run, 3 walls from 2 to 4 feet high, and of course the really big mud pit finale! (Course is subject to change). There is also an optional shorter run. A lot of parents run with their small children to motivate and help them.

There are no winner placings….everyone is a winner for competing and they won’t get in trouble for being muddy! Please note that there are only finisher awards for the children registered for the run, not for the adults helping them. Children are welcome to clean up in the wash area after the race. The race is not timed and can only be run once.

This year the first 100 preregistered Pollywogs will receive a free Tee shirt.